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Music Theater Directing

Works of art are processes that unfold their essence in time. For the work of directors, this always means a new challenge, making projects exciting, but also giving substantial responsibilities. Staging requires not only methodological diversity, but also an understanding of art in a wide-ranging aesthetic and social context.

In this sense, at the Institute for Music Theater (IMT), voice, body and stage are mutually related. The aim is to explore aesthetic diversity, including traditional and innovative forms of music theater, to promote a search for new ways of expression and narrative and to always create space for experimentation while working on the standard repertoire.

Training thus takes account of the changing content and structural requirements under which musical theater is created today. It is based upon artistic, as well as scientific, foundations. Theory and practice are closely related.

Courses by internationally successful directors such as Tatjana Gürbaca, Stefan Herheim, Peter Konwitschny, and Vera Nemirova are an integral part of the compelling range of courses. CampusOne - Gottesaue Palace also offers unique spatial conditions for theater such as the References - Multimedia complex (MUT).


Degrees and Study Opportunities

Bachelor's Degree Program

Final Degree
Bachelor of Music

Standard Course
8 semesters (4 years)

Degree Requirements
240 ECTS points

Master's Degree Program

Final Degree
Master of Music

4 semesters (2 years)

180 ECTS points



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