General Students Committee (AStA)

Die Mitglieder des Asta


Gottesaue Palace 7, Kavaliershaus K11
76131 Karlsruhe
T +49 (0)721-66 29-680



Student Representatives

Hendrik Rekers
Kristina Stiegler
Sen/Cuong Le
Fabian Kabuß
DaEun Jun

Representatives in the Senate:

Veronika Reutz Drobnic
Hendrik Rekers
Kristina Madeleine Stiegler


International Studies Association (ISS)


Assia Weissmann
Haosi Howard Chen



General Students Committee (AStA)

The General Students Committee (AStA) is the executive board of the constituted student body, continually contributing enrichment to university life, promoting superregional and international student cooperation, while integrating foreign students with dedication. Different suggestions and iniatives begin with AStA, the critical opinions and perspectives from which are also indispensable at a university that is constantly evolving. Representatives of AStA belong to the Senate with voting rights.

Cooperation between AStA representatives and university management is close and highly conducive to positive educational development. Trustful cooperation is seen, among other occasions, in regularly scheduled roundtable discussions with the rector and chancellor as well as the press and operations office. Diverse activities of AStA as student representatives range from activities such as the Freshman Lodge to organizing university festivals and dances.

ISS - International Student Service

Two student representatives* who, in close cooperation with the Asta, serve as contact persons for foreign students.