Musician's medicine



Contact persons:

Prof. Dr. med. Benita Kuni
Specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery
Accident insurance association doctor (university and commuting accidents)

Dr. med. Petra Vöhringer
Specialist in general medicine
Occupational medicine


Regular seminar on musician's medicine

Courses: See semester handbook under "Supplementary and interdisciplinary programmes: Music and movement, music and health".


Further information

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Musikphysiologie und Musikermedizin e.V.

Optimal Üben – ein Praxishandbuch für Musiker


Musicians' medicine - musicians' health - music physiology

Musicians should be familiar with relevant anatomical and neurophysiological principles. Why? In the course of a career, specific forms of stress affect the body, mind and soul. Tone regulation of individual muscle groups and optimisation of posture are essential in order to avoid overloading and long-term damage. Among other things, optimised exercise strategies are the basis for maintaining health.

Students should be made aware of preventative options as early as possible in their studies. Psychological aspects to reduce stage fright and performance anxiety as well as mental training, relaxation techniques and breathing regulation are also important for successful studies and a professional career.