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Karlsruhe Master Classes

The Karlsruhe University of Music on CampusOne – Schloss Gottesaue is a place where artistic and pedagogical education, science and experimentation have an equal home. It is important to have a constant "input", i.e. enriching suggestions from outside, which broaden one's own horizons.

This is where the idea of the KARLSRUHER MASTERCLASSES came from, which have been in existence for more than ten years. Since then, each year it has been possible to win over artist personalities and scientists of international standing. They enrich the range of courses for future musicians, musicologists and music educators, but also address the interested public, to whom attractive and unusual offers are made under the motto of "lifelong learning".

The KARLSRUHER MEISTERKLASSEN are primarily intended for the students of the university itself, but passive participation is also possible for guests at any time. Registration is required in any case.

The programs of the KARLSRUHER MEISTERKLASSEN are regularly published in a brochure and on the website.



July '24
July '24
BIOGRAPHY Hong Fu is an associate professor at the China Conservatory of Music (CCMusic) and a renowned pianist. After her studies at the at Shanghai Conservatory of Music, she moved to Germany to further her music education at Karlsruhe University of Music, where she received her Konzert Examen for piano solo and Kuenstlerische Ausbildung for piano chamber music. Notable teachers in Shanghai were Kang Quefei, Zhang Yuqing, Xiao Ming and Wu Leyi. Throughout her time in Germany, she studied… Weiterlesen
Wednesday, 10:00 AM
CampusOne · Fany-Solter-Haus R107
Eventtype: Karlsruher Meisterklassen · Karlsruhe Masterclasses