Gernot Hörtdörfer

Lehrbeauftragter (Lecturer)
Körperschulung für Sänger/innen
Fachgruppe 4: MusikTheater (MusicTheatre Department)

Gernot Hörtdörfer studied history, political science and sports education with a focus on psychomotor skills at the University of Marburg/Lahn. After 5 years of physical education at the Gymnasium der Deutschen Blindenstudienanstalt in Marburg, he deepened his studies in expression and movement. From 1990 to 2002, a major focus was the training as a respiratory and movement pedagogue in Psychotonik Glaser. Other important specialisations were the study of expression and movement with Suprapto Suriodarmo in Indonesia and the courses in Movement Studies with Amos Hetz in Jerusalem.

Even after the end of his work as a physical education teacher in Marburg, Gernot Hörtdörfer continued to teach and teach movement to this day. Since 2000 he has been working with body training at the IMT of the University of Music Karlsruhe

In his lessons he wants to support the singers and musicians to develop the best possible physical disposition for them.  Via clear self-perception, perception of the outside, increasing the ability to communicate with the environment, presence and reaction, ways to relaxed posture and movement in connection with singing are explored.