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Music Informatics

Pondering and actively shaping the relationship of music and computers with people is a central concern of music informatics at the Institute for Music Science and Music Informatics (IMWI). It is about people who deal with music in a variety of ways in their digitized world. Students gain experience coping with constantly renewing technology in a technically creative, scientifically investigative, theoretically astute and artistically expressive manner.

Within a framework of the unique connection between music informatics and musicology, the aim is to complement existing musicological method repertoire by means of computer-aided processes. Examples are in the area of ​​digital music edition and music coding, as well as audio and sheet music-based analysis. Subject areas of music informatics also include creative programming, audio signal processing, software development, cognitive music processing, composition and performance practice of electronic music and computer music, and  computer-aided composition for film, theater, and computer games.

In the bachelor's degree program, music informatics is offered in combination with musicology as a major, minor, or combined subject, each in relative proportions. In the master's program in music informatics, specializations in the artistic or scientific field are possible.


Degrees and Study Opportunities

Bachelor's Degree Program

Final Degree
Bachelor of Music

Standard Course
8 semesters (4 years)

Degree Requirements
240 ECTS points

Master's Degree Program

Final Degree
Master of Music

4 semesters (2 years)

180 ECTS points



Lecturers and Professors of the Institute for Music Informatics and Musicology
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