ComputerStudio der HfM karlsruhe


Aktuell:  Immersive-Audio-Produktionen:
Guai ai Gelidi Mostri (Nono), 
Mantra (Stockhausen), 
NoaNoa (Saariaho), 
Vermont Counterpoint (Reich), 
Blossom (Wolf) 


Contact persons

Rainer Lorenz
T +49-(0)721-66 29-121


Bibiana Castillo
T +49-(0)721-66 29-123



ComputerStudio MUT, highest floor








In the ComputerStudio students, lecturers, and guests address contexts of music and computer-aided audio, video, and Media Technology.

ComputerStudio is a highly specialized complex of studios, laboratories and seminar rooms located throughout the university. It offers with its rooms and resources the entire university, but especially the Institute for Music Informatics and Musicology, extensive opportunities for technological applications in music projects and performances.

The Institute for Music Informatics and Musicology uses the ComputerStudio and its resources as basic equipment for teaching and research.


ComputerStudio Laptopensemble

Project Skills at ComputerStudio

  • 3D-Audio Spatialization at 2 performance halls (HDLA)
  • 3D-Audio-Postproduction in studios rooms (e.g. Dolby Atmos, Ambisonics)
  • 3D-Audio-Recording at 3D-Audio Control room (Soundtrack production)
  • Wave Field Synthesis-Installation (e.g. IOSONO Core)
  • Ambisonics-Productions with Soundfield, FB360/Pro Tools Ultimate
  • 360°-Audio Loudspeaker-Sphere (HDLA)
  • Composing and Performances with Disk-Grand piano (3x Yamaha Diskpiano Pro)
  • Motion-Tracking (Qualisys Motion-Capture-System)
  • VR/AR-Productions/Development (e.g. VIVE Virtual Reality System)
  • 3D-Stereo-Videoproductions
  • virtual 3D-Videostudio with Live-Control room (vizrt) and Green Screen-Cave
  • Multi-Camera Control room for Live-Video productions at Large Concert hall
  • 4K-Video-Productions
  • 3D-Modelling