about ComputerStudio

ComputerStudio Live-Elektronik

The ComputerStudio was founded in 1991. Charged with constitution and development of ComputerStudio were Mr. Dr. Thomas. A. Troge as head of the studio together with Mr. Rainer Lorenz. In 1993 Dr. Troge was appointed professor for Music Informatics at the HfM.

In 2013 the ComputerStudio, which had meanwhile grown into a comprehensively equipped studio complex with several project studios, laboratories and classrooms, moved into the new building of the HfM and thus also actively contribute to the new rehearsal and performance rooms of the MUT by implementing the latest music and media technology.

With the constitution of the ComputerStudio and its continuous development, the ComputerStudio offers the university all possibilities for the application of computer, audio, video and media technology in music and media arts and is thus a central institution of the university in the sense of an artistic and scientific examination with music and media arts in the present.