Experience Music!


Concert, Teaching and Music Education Projects For Children, Teenagers, and the Elderly

Since 2009, dedicated students in different study focuses at the University of Music Karlsruhe have developed and designed concert, teaching, and music education projects for children and young people as well as adults and older audiences in the Karlsruhe region. Under the direction of the music instructor Prof. Dr. Cornelia Wild und Prof. Dr. Eveline Unruh, imaginative, inspiring, and informative musical encounters were developed that stimulate an appetite for more musical experiences.

With noteworthy enthusiasm, students create a wide range of alternate musical experiences, including the KinderMusikFest children’s music festival, the AbendUni university evening concert series, Music Mobile, and the Large Children’s Interactive Orchestra, in cooperation with the Festival Hall Baden-Baden. With selected partners, students try to reach as many audiences as possible through music, including at diverse intercultural daycare centers and schools; social therapy day groups, child and adolescent psychiatry day groups, neuropediatric wards, and centers for older adults. In addition, imaginative frameworks and hands-on activities are proposed, with instruments offered for spectators to experiment with. In this way, students make a lasting contribution to Karlsruhe regional cultural education and through their enthusiasm for music, ensure that each concert, teaching and music education project becomes a real musical experience.