Experiencing Music! for Families

Experiencing Music! Family Concert by The School Music Orchestra

With approximately 80 musicians from different areas of study, supplemented by experienced music and high school teachers, the University of Music Karlsruhe School Music Orchestra (SMO) enriches the regional ensemble culture. Since 2013, as pedagogical mediation also plays a key role for participants in addition to music itself, a school or family concert has traditionally been presented before each symphony concert in cooperation with the master's degree program in Music Education. Under the supervision of Professor Dr. Mirjam Boggasch, students are entertained by an hour-long concert designed to appeal to families, children, young people, and other groups. Afterwards, there are opportunities to become acquainted with and try to play individual orchestral instruments.


Erlebnis Musik - SMO-Konzert

Experiencing Music! at Bad Krozingen Palace Concerts

For the fourth time, the Experiencing Music! team has organized a family concert as part of the Bad Krozingen palace concert season. After a successful start with Mozart Festival 2016 with the slogan, "Everything would be nothing without music," musical jokes and a musical journey through time enlivened Madame Miracula's Magical Dream Cabinet, featuring entertaining musical encounters with composers and works from different eras.

At palace concerts specially designed for families, childen experience listening, singing, dancing, applauding, and laughing. They make music on historical keyboard instruments and are introduced to other instruments, including violin, cello, harp, accordion, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, piccolo, flute, ukulele and homemade flutes carved from carrots. Young and old concertgoers have the opportunity to try all the instruments.


ErlebnisMusik - Bad Krozingen