History of the Institute for Music Theater

Tanz Marstallss2018

A brief history of the Institute for MusicTheater

The Institute for Music Theater (IMT) at the Karlsruhe University of Music was founded in 1993. Having emerged from a "traditional" opera school, it is still one of the few training institutions in Germany that offers undergraduate studies (i.e. with scenic training from the beginning of the course) for aspiring opera singers. This form of training arose from the conviction that the requirements of opera stages have changed enormously over the past few years – towards the profile of a singer/actress who has both the scenic craft and the vocal-musical means at his/her disposal.

The Institute for MusicTheater offers, uniquely in Baden-Württemberg, an undergraduate Bachelor's program in opera singing and a Master's program in opera singing in the field of music theater. Both courses of study take into account the increased and changing demands of the professional market. Since 2016, the study program has also included the postgraduate Soloist Exam, an opportunity to further develop excellent artistic skills both vocally and musically as well as scenically.

The Master of Music and Theater Direction, which was newly established for the winter semester 2013–2014, was born from the conviction that singing and stage performance should not be understood as a "composite" but as a unity. Directing is part of a holistic training program – singers and directors of tomorrow grow through working together. Since 2016, the Karlsruhe University of Music has been offering a Bachelor's program in Music Theater Directing in addition to the Master's program. This expands this educational focus of the Institute for Music Theater.