CampusOne Schloss Gottesaue - Hoschule für Musik Karlsruhe


Department 1

Composition · Music theory · Music education · Musicology · Music Informatics · Music Journalism
Head of department Prof. Dr. Thomas Seedorf

Department 2

Head of department Prof. Matthias Beckert

Department 3

Head of department Prof. Christiane Lobor

Department 4

Music Theatre
Head of department Prof. Andrea Raabe

Department 5

Keyboard instruments · Guitar · Harp
Head of department Prof. Kalle Randalu

Department 6

String instruments
Head of department Prof. Johannes Lüthy

Department 7

Wind instruments · Percussion
Head of department Prof. Brandt Attema


The lecturers of a departement discuss and decide on matters concerning teaching and its organization in regular conferences (at least twice per semester). Student representatives are consulted on particularly important topics.

Once a year a departmental group day takes place - the plenary assembly of all lecturers of the university. The departmental group day promotes communication and the collegial exchange of ideas, commits to common goals, creates a high degree of motivation and promotes the personal commitment of all for the students and the university. It is a recognized and particularly effective event format in terms of quality assurance.

Within the framework of the monthly "Jours Fixes" of the university management with the heads of the departments and institutes, important information is passed on, university projects are considered jointly, and wishes and criticism for the improvement of teaching and organization are discussed.

The Study Commissions are appointed by the Senate and consist of up to ten members (including four students). Each commission is chaired by a vice-rector and discusses questions concerning the study programs themselves. Suggestions and decisions are passed on to the subject groups and the Rectorate.