Recording studios

ComputerStudio Foto Rainer Lorenz

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Toygun Kirali
T +49-(0)721-66.29-218

R Schloss Gottesaue · R202.1

Recording studios

Many university concerts and events are recorded for documentary purposes by in-house recording studios. Students may analyze their performances retrospectively, based on recordings. The sound studios create CD productions, application soundtracks for international music competitions, audition selections, applications, Erasmus + overseas study programs, scholarships, and much more.

The recording studios are designed as control rooms for live recordings and productions from the concert rooms at Gottesaue Castle, the Wolfgang Rihm Forum and the Marstall. A modern fiber-optic link allows events to be switched directly to the university's Young Culture Channel radio station with the click of a mouse.

Recordings are edited and transferred directly to high speed computers equipped with Sequoia software, optionally by Optocore signal amplifiers or RME Micstasy devices.

Reliable Lexicon hardware and software may be adjusted in editing rooms if necessary.

Recordings are listened to and mixed over studio monitors RL 944K by Geithain, as well as Genelec 8050.

From the start, Stax SR-Lambda Professional electrostatic headphones provide ideal audio transducer service.

Microphones from the Karlsruhe-based company Schoeps are available in every directional setup, while the digital HS-P 82 multitrack recorder from Tascam also comes with external recording abilities.