Summer interviews 2023

You can find these and other interviews on the homepage of the "Jungen Kulturkanal", read more

Summer interviews 2023

As part of the seminar "Interview Online / Print" with lecturer Elisa Reznicek, the students of the 2nd semester BA of the course "Music Journalism for Broadcasting and Multimedia" conducted exciting interviews with alumni and lecturers of our university as well as with representatives of the Karlsruhe music scene. The interviews were published on the homepage "JungerKulturKanal".


Sergey Khachatryan

Fire in the eyes
Interview with violinist Sergey Khachatryan

By Iris Freiberger

Sergey Khachatryan, internationally successful violinist and professor at the Karlsruhe University of Music, was still on stage abroad a few days ago. He gives lessons at the weekend. An approachable and friendly man; calm but determined. Khachatryan has a precise idea of how every single note should sound. Even as a child, he celebrated international successes and knows concert life inside out.

We talked about stage fright, ambition and his professorship at the Karlsruhe University of Music. Read more...



"I love my work with amateur choirs".
Choir director Angelika Geiß in an interview

By Moritz Schläfer

"Hakuna Matata, I like to say that line!" The sound of the "Lion King" classic echoes through the classroom of the element-i comprehensive school in Karlsruhe. The children and young people of the PHONnation choir are rehearsing the famous piece for their next concert. Good mood feeling included. Angelika Geiß is responsible for this. She sits at the piano, coordinates, sings, explains and obviously has as much fun as the teenagers. The youth choir PHONnation is only one of a total of six choirs that the freelance musician leads. Four of them are in the Liederkranz Karlsruhe-Hagsfeld choral society. Moritz Schläfer talked to her about her work as a choir director for amateurs. Read more…


Music can heal wounds
Interview with conductor Tobias Drewelius

By Jakob Roth

Tobias Drewelius is a conductor, including with the KIT Symphony Orchestra in Karlsruhe. After completing his conducting studies at the Karlsruhe University of Music, he travelled to Ecuador in 2017 to support the organisation "Musicians without Borders". Jakob Roth spoke with him for the Junge Kulturkanal about his experiences, challenges and everyday work. Read more…

Anne Wellmer_Gedok

"When I can't laugh anymore, it's over."
Anne Wellmer in interview

By Ben Deckarm

Anne Wellmer is a composer, performer and media artist of electronic music. For her, everything revolves around space and sound. She lives in The Hague, but travels to various cities for her projects, including Karlsruhe. Ben Deckarm talked to her about her music, rules and the fact that she wanted to become a singing clown. Read more...


Of night watchmen, crime stories and art
An interview with Uwe Reich and Thomas Angelou

By Liv-Berit Heinz

Crime dinners, night watchman tours and salon events like in the 19th century - Uwe Reich and Thomas Angelou, the founders of the art agency Bel Etage, make it possible to immerse oneself in old times and stories and to experience art and culture up close. Liv-Berit Heinz spoke with the two people from Baden about their multifaceted work. Read more…

Mathias Tritsch

Help on the way to professionalism
Mathias Tritsch in the Intervew

By Kristin Härtel

Since 1996, the Kulturfonds Baden e. V. has supported young musicians by awarding scholarships as well as competitions and concerts. Mathias Tritsch has been chairman of the association for many years and has been an honorary senator of the HfM Karlsruhe since 2016. Read more...

Brigitte Heck

The 80s were never completely gone
Brigitte Heck in interview

By Philipp Reise

The new experience exhibition of the Badisches Landesmuseum wants to bring the 1980s back to life. Curator Brigitte Heck, senior conservator and head of the folklore department, revealed that it is about more than just the attitude to life. Read more…