Part-time Studies

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Part-time Studies

Covering new developments in a field, refresher courses are offered in instrumental performance, voice, composition, and conducting. They are privately arranged as indicated in regional higher education laws.

Prospective students are not formally enrolled in a degree program, may receive student-like status and participate in university teaching and other activities.

They may use the library and other facilities, attend university events gratis and, if required, participate in events. Visiting lectures and master classes may also be attended gratis, if they are also free of charge for enrolled students.


Study possibilities in detail:

  • main instrumental subjects
  • voice / operatic singing
  • choral conducting
  • composition
  • lieder (vocal / piano)
  • piano chamber music (ensemble)
  • string chamber music (ensemble)
  • brass chamber music (ensemble)


  • major subject instructor approval
  • admission based on university evaluation of performance level.


If these conditions are met, a private contract will be signed between the university and student, who will receive a student ID for use during the refresher course. 

No final exam will be given. The university will issue a certificate for course achievements as per the supervising main subject instructor’s instructions. 

Refresher courses may not serve as preparation for entrance examinations.



2.200, - € / semester

Payment is due before each semester starts.