Extra-Curricular Studies

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To participate in the Supplementary studies program, one-time registration is required at the Center for Applied Cultural Studies and General Studies at www.zak.kit.edu/begleitstudium-bak.

Additional online registration is needed to select individual courses (www.zak.kit.edu/anmeldung.)


Further information on

Supplementary studies

Students at The University of Music Karlsruhe may select the Applied Cultural Studies course offered by the Center for Applied Cultural Science and General Studies at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). The course is intended as a supplement to the University of Music study program, to provide insight into social and cultural conditions, processes, and procedures. Key additional skills such as interdisciplinary thinking, intercultural and social competence, and interdisciplinary knowledge are imparted. These are increasingly important in professional life today. The students also gain additional professional qualifications in science journalism, public relations, and cultural management professions. Basic techniques in research and presentation of work results are taught and practiced. The supplementary study program consists of a total of 22 credit points (CPs).

It is divided into the following modules:

  • BS 1 - Technology & Responsibility: Changing values ​​/ ethics of responsibility, technological development / history of technology, general ecology, sustainability.
  • BS 2 - Doing Culture: cultural studies, management, institutions, policy, and creative industries.
  • BS 3 - Media & Aesthetics: Media Communication, Cultural Aesthetics
  • BS 4 - Worlds of Life: Cultural Sociology, Cultural Heritage, Architecture and Urban Planning, Work Science
  • BS 5 - Global Cultures: Multiculturalism / Interculturality / Transculturality, Science and culture


To earn a graduation certificate of graduation, it is necessary to have accomplished:

  • Basics: Attending the lecture class, Introduction to Applied Cultural Science (3 credits)
  • Specialization: participating in 3 seminars; 2 credits per unit (2x3 credits) and 1 credit of lectures plus assignments (4 credits) Module exam (4 credits)

Practical experience: proof of internship of at least two weeks in the fields of culture, social affairs, or media and an internship report (5 credits)