Jakob Bonasera

Lehrbeauftragter (Lecturer)
Fachgruppe 1: Komposition, Musiktheorie, Musikpädagogik, Musikwissenschaft, Musikinformatik, Musikjournalismus (Composition, music theory, music education, musicology, music informatics and music journalism Department)
Jakob Bonasera

Jakob Bonasera was born in Böblingen in 1999. From 2018, he studied school music with piano as his main subject, initially with Ulrike Meyer and later in the class of Andrej Jussow. He received important music pedagogical impulses from Prof Dr Johannes M. Walter. He studied his second main subject, geography, at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

In 2021, he completed a bachelor's degree in music theory at the Karlsruhe University of Music under Prof Michael Moriz. He received further important impulses from Prof. Dr h.c. Alfred Stenger, Prof. Edith Metzner and Prof. Dr Nanny Drechsler and. Jakob Bonasera is currently studying for a master's degree in music theory with Prof. Dr Ludwig Holtmeier, Prof. Dr Hans Aerts and Robert Christoph Bauer at the Freiburg University of Music.

Jakob Bonasera has been a lecturer in music theory and aural training at the Karlsruhe University of Music since the winter semester 2023/24. From the summer semester 2024, he will also hold a teaching position for music theory and aural training at the Detmold University of Music.