Institute for New Music

INM IEMA-Konzert


Institute for New Music (INM)
Am Schloss Gottesaue 7
76131 Karlsruhe



Institute for New Music

The Institute for New Music seeks to be a place where everyone concerned with innovation on a university level, whose imagination is scouting for something new, finding and inventing novelties whatever and wherever they may be, from a desire to galvanize, inspire, and unsettle, feels welcome and enter into a related dialogue. It seeks to be a place promoting and supporting this dialogue as a place of free communication, a forum for fearless and ideology-free endeavors for innovation, even if they be initially controversial or misunderstood. After all, the concept of music cannot exist independently of society or follow unchanging rules. Instead, what music is, and can be, must always be reinvented, defined, and discussed by us.