PreeCollege an der HfM Karlsruhe


PreCollege Director
Prof. Andrea Raabe


Concert programming
Prof. Roberto Neumann-Domingos
E roberto.



Further Information


In 2006, The University of Music Karlsruhe Pre-College acquired in its present form. Generously funded by the Sparda-Bank Baden-Württemberg Foundation for Art and Culture, its resources have continuously expanded. In addition to musical education, the basic pillars of training include individual development of young artistic personalities, by sharing experiences and learning through mutual exchange with carefully selection pupils.

Pre-College students start from age 8 to 18. Admission is decided by a semester-long entrance examination evaluated by a high-ranking commission. With criteria determined by age, highest demands are placed on instrumental, technical, or vocal ability as well as age-appropriate musical maturity. The Pre-College course ends with the student’s regular high school education, after which an entrance examination for the bachelor's degree program at the university may follow.

In addition to instruction in major subjects with renowned university professors and lecturers for one hour weekly, students receive music theory (composition, ear training, formal science / analysis) and improvisation lessons. The minor subjects piano, voice and composition are available upon request.  Chamber music plays an ever-present role in the program.

For better social interaction, classes are usually held on Friday afternoons and Saturdays.

Each semester, Pre-College students display their skills in concert. Other performance opportunities include university children's music festivals, benefit galas, semester opening ceremonies, and regional concerts.