New book publication

21. September 2020
Musik aufführen

A new book has been published:

Musik aufführen
Quellen – Fragen – Forschungsperspektiven
Herausgegeben von Kai Köpp und Thomas Seedorf
(Kompendien Musik 12)
Laaber-Verlag 2020

This volume deals with the scientific research of "music as a phenomenon sounding in performances" (Hans-Joachim Hinrichsen). Practical questions of performance, which were already of great importance in the early days of musicology, are today extended by numerous cultural studies perspectives, which are attempted to be summarized with the terms "interpretation research", "performance research" or "sound studies". Because of these diverse perspectives, the aim of this volume is to present the current outlines of a field of research that investigates the tonal appearance of historical music and thus ties in with the beginnings of scientific music research on a broad source basis.