Podcast project on composer street names launched

23. February 2024
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Online event on the occasion of the podcast project

There will be a special online event on the occasion of the podcast project (students produce podcasts on Karlsruhe street names of composers) on 18.01.2022 at 8 pm. Students will report on their work on the podcasts. In addition, we have a surprise guest. He (or better: she) will tell us something about the music of Fanny Hensel, the only composer after whom a plant is named in Karlsruhe. One of the next podcasts will be dedicated to her. We will also talk to the student who will produce the podcast on Fanny Hensel. There will also be enough space to exchange ideas with others in a small group via the screen. Following the exchange, participants can also donate to the Fanny Hensel podcast if they wish. We will offer a small briefing in advance so that participants can join without worry.

Interested parties can register for the event via our app hfm_foerdern (in the Apple or Google app store) (under events / 07.12. Wohnzimmerspende). Or you can send us an email at stiftung@hfm-karlsruhe.de. We will send the link for participation to interested parties in good time.


Podcast project on composer street names launched

18 streets in Karlsruhe are named after composers (17 after men, one after a woman).

Students and graduates of music journalism have taken this as an opportunity to produce a podcast on each of these musicians. The first six are now finished. For passengers who ride the streetcar between 8 and 19 November, the podcasts are available via a QR code on posters.

The four producers are Markus Volk, Marcel Hiller, Ulrich Wiederspahn and Tabea Wilkens from the Institute for Music Journalism. Two more podcasts on Mozart and Bach are currently in the works; they, too, will be available soon. It was an interesting project for the students because, on the one hand, they were able to put into practice what they had learned. In addition, they were motivated by the fact that the form of the podcasts provides a particularly low-threshold offer for music knowledge. Institute director Prof. Jürgen Christ is enthusiastic about this unique project:

"For our students, it offers a good insight into later professional opportunities. It will also keep us busy for a while, because we want to continue with podcasts on the opera figures of Richard Wagner, after whom streets are also named. In addition, we have noticed: Three musicians have been added: Felix Mottl, Franz Schubert and Hermann Levi. They, too, are to find appreciation in a podcast."

The continuation is planned for the coming year; the VBK will again provide poster space in March. All other podcasts should be ready by then. The Foundation for the Promotion of the Karlsruhe University of Music, which is soliciting donors and sponsors for the project, is looking forward to more supporters. It has set up a crowdfunding project specifically for this purpose, through which interested parties can promote further podcasts.



The app name is hfm_foerdern. It can be downloaded from the Google or Apple store.