New book publication: Music Journalism

9. May 2022
Neuerscheinung: Peter Overbeck (Hg.): „Musikjournalismus“

New book publication: Music Journalism

New book publication
Herausgegeben von Peter Overbeck
Springer VS Wiesbaden 2022, 564 Seiten, 34,99 € (E-Book: 26,99 €)

ISBN 978-3-658-32475-9, ISBN 978-3-658-32476-6 (eBook)
(Reihe „Journalistische Praxis“)

On 564 pages, the volume edited by Peter Overbeck (Institute for Music Journalism) tells you everything you need to know about programming, interviewing, music criticism, moderation etc. in radio, television, print and online, in the music genres of classical, jazz and pop. Legal questions and aspects of the professional profile are also discussed.

Like the volume "Musikjournalismus" (Music Journalism) published by UVK in 2005, also edited by Peter Overbeck, the handbook is still the only comprehensive one on the complex of "music journalism". It is intended to be helpful to both aspiring and experienced music journalists on their career path and in everyday life.

Many of the authors of the 47 chapters are or were lecturers at the "Institute for Music Journalism"; in addition, students interviewed alumni who are now in decision-making positions about their assessment of the "future of music journalism".

Further information, table of contents and ordering options at: or via the book trade.

An online version will soon be available at this address.