cancelled: EW-4 Electronic Wind Quartet

Cancelled due to Corona "General Break": April 30, 2020 · Karlsruhe Master Classes
Electronic Wind Quartet

Beat Hofstetter
Sascha Armbruster
Andrea Formenti
Beat Kappeler

Music for wind converters
How do we imagine the music of tomorrow? The performers of EW-4 dare to take a look into the future: They control various sound and light sources with their wind converters and produce audiovisual, electronic chamber music sound. In cooperation with composers and specialists in electronic music, they explore new ways of playing. For more than twenty years the four musicians have dedicated themselves to the search for new sounds of the saxophone family and have increasingly included electronic means. With EW-4 they switch completely to the digital medium: the saxophones are replaced by four wind converters. Various modulation possibilities that can be used simultaneously, such as airflow and bite, allow a multi-layered control of the sound. In interaction with computers, the musicians show what has become a matter of course in everyday life: navigating between analog and digital worlds.

Eventtype: Karlsruher Meisterklassen
At the 30. April – 13:00 o'clock
CampusOne · MUTprobe 1

Am Schloss Gottesaue 7 · 76131 Karlsruhe

Final concert
18.00 MUTprobe 1

The KARLSRUHER MEISTERKLASSEN are - within the limits of available places - open for the active participation of students of the Karlsruhe University of Music and other German and European music academies. Audience is welcome, registration required.