Children’s Music Festival

Kindermusikfest an der HfM Karlsruhe

Children’s Music Festival (KinderMusikFest)

The big KinderMusikFest took place every year from 2013 to 2019 on Mother's Day on the campus of the Karlsruhe University of Music. Students, alumni, lecturers - led by Professor Mirjam Boggasch, Ph.D. and Andrea Raabe - prepare a varied program for young and old for this occasion. In addition to numerous concerts, including with chamber orchestra and the children's concert series Experience Music!, there are performances and exciting hands-on activities all day long. In these, children can experience all facets of music with their families. There is fun, like the singing clowns Lotte and Susi; cleverness in the children's university; acrobatics with Batucada Brazilian percussion; and entertainment in the big show, The Voice of CampusOne.

In addition, children of all ages may express creativity in singing, dance, drama, handicrafts, composition, music informatics, and percussion workshops, explore the palace and radio broadcasting studio during a campus rally. Children get to know instruments, listen to stories, put on makeup, and enjoy further musical surprises. Physical well-being is always well taken care of at the Children's Music Festival; children, parents, and grandparents are always welcome in the Music Café, among other places.


ErlebnisMusik - KinderMusikFest