Institutsabend on Januar 26

20. July 2024
IMWI Ensemble

Concert with electronic music, video art, interactive performances and spoken word contributions. Projects by students of the Institute of Music Informatics and Musicology, realized at SAM · ComputerStudio, will be presented.

Zeno Lösch
Orchestra in a Bucket
Zeno Lösch sound direction

Ulrich Wiederspahn
Tell me something! - The content of music

Mathis Menrath
Mathis Menrath sound direction

Sophie-Caroline Danner
Composed. Recomposed. Combined.

Jacqueline Butzinger
Exercises in simple Geometry - Excerpts from the sketchbook

Fabian Raimund
The 4th wall

Shu Ching Chon
Shu Ching Chon Performance
Zeno Lösch sound direction

26. January · 07:30 PM
CampusOne · Wolfgang-Rihm-Forum
Am Schloss Gottesaue 7 · 76131 Karlsruhe

Admission free only with reservation
by email
or by phone
Mondays 10-12 a.m. T 0721-6629 253 (Ms. Blume)
Tuesdays 10-12 a.m. T 0721-6629 263 (Ms. Donie)
Thursdays 14-16 h T 0721-6629 283 (Ms. Reinhardt)
Contact details are taken at the time of registration.

Please note the current Corona rules.