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Our Favorite Things · Salty Tunes in Concert
Die Band Salty Tunes

Founded in 2022, "Salty Tunes – Noble Band" is a formation with a classical jazz quartet line-up. It presents a broad repertoire of styles and genres, ranging from classical and funk to pop, Latin, and jazz, and is not limited to any one musical genre. The highlights of the Salty Tunes' music are the unique, salty compositions of Daniel "Salty" Salzmann, which create a new genre called "Classic Jazz." Here, classical melodies such as opera arias, dances and more are reinterpreted, reharmonized and enriched and arranged with jazz elements.

As musicians with a classical background and a passion for jazz and pop, the Salty Tunes execute this project with flying colors. Their understanding of both worlds, classical and jazz, contributes to a unique listening experience that will delight both classical music lovers and jazz fans.


Salty Tunes
Leon Winkler reeds
Max Cichon drums
Paul Cervenec bass
Daniel Salzmann piano/comp

Event of Badische Landes­bibliothek, Kulturfonds Baden e. V. and Karlsruhe University of Music

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14. February · 05:00 PM


Free admission.
Donations requested.