Experiencing Music! for Adults and Older Audiences

Experiencing Music! Evening Program at the University of Music Karlsruhe

The Experiencing Music! Evening Program at the University of Music Karlsruhe is aimed at all those interested in music who want to learn more about the subject. Since 2017, participants have worked two evenings per semester with students under the supervision of Professor Dr. Mirjam Boggasch (Music Education) and Professor Edith Metzner (Music Theory). Items are chosen for two separate concert programs, including solo recital, symphonic concert, and grand opera. In this way, two appealing choices are proposed: an interdisciplinary seminar for students, in which the respective content is prepared in terms of music theory and methodology and didactics, while new fields of adult education are explored. In addition, an additional range of events, inspiring interchange and innovative opportunities for all, lead to better understanding of music at evening concerts that the class attends together, with questions addressed for these who seek background information and context about music.




Vespers Church Choir

Inspired by the Karlsruhe Vesperkirche, the Vesper Church Choir project began in 2016 in cooperation with the university’s master's degree program in music education. Conducted with enthusiasm and pedagogical skill, the Vesper Church Choir now numbers over 50 singers and heartens audience in different performances. Each week enthusiastic singers, Vesperkirche visitors and guests as well as volunteers and friends, meet to sing together, experiencing community and contentment.


ErlebnisMusik - Vesperkirche

Experiencing Music! in the Stephanienstift Geriatric Center

In 2016, cooperation with the Stephanienstift Geriatric Center began with a multi-string harp program. Participants become acquainted with, touch, and experiment with musical instruments while listening and participating. The group listens with interest to different instrumental and vocal samples, information about the history and construction of different instruments, and sing folk songs enthusiastically with students at regularly scheduled Experiencing Music! sessions.


ErlebnisMusik - Stephanienstift