Sommer interviews 2021

You can find these and other interviews on the homepage of the Young Culture Channel, read...

Summer interviews 2021

As part of the seminar "Interview Online / Print" with lecturer Elisa Reznicek, the students of the 2nd semester BA of the course "Music Journalism for Broadcasting and Multimedia" conducted exciting interviews with alumni and lecturers at our university, which were published on the homepage "JungerKulturKanal".

Prof. Julius Kircher

Never lose sight of the moment
Interview with clarinet professor Julius Kircher

By Franka Hennes

Julius Kircher has been professor of clarinet at the Karlsruhe University of Music since 2019.
In an interview with Franka Hennes, he tells us how he came to the clarinet and what the challenges are as a professor. Read

Yoerae Kim

Violinist with a passion
Yoerae Kim in an interview about the life and work of an orchestral musician

By Bennet Leitritz

As a musician, Yoerae Kim is at home all over the world. Now the Canadian-born Korean, who was awarded the Karlsruhe University Prize in 2020, is about to make another move: It's off to Ludwigshafen. An engagement as 2nd concertmaster awaits her there. Bennet spoke with her about her life and work. Read

Prof. Thomas Indermühle

The Sense of Making Music
Thomas Indermühle on airport controls and audiences in pyjamas

By Henrike Wagner

Professor Thomas Indermühle has been teaching oboe at the Karlsruhe University of Music since 1989. Interaction with the audience is essential for him and his musical philosophy. Henrike Wagner spoke with him about his motivation and survival as a musician in Corona times. Read